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Provide Your ideas and we will together work on the designing of the project concept and the prototype of the future product
We will develop a brand-new product from scratch. Throughout the process, the client will receive all the required information
We will take the product to the market and will take care of it getting to the target audience
If You want Your business to grow and develop, You need to implement digital products in its work. The development of such products is a key to running a more efficient and profitable business. Quality software programs help companies to reach their goals much faster. You can rely on our specialists in the process of effective software program development. They will do everything possible to develop a product that will improve the communication inside the team, speed up the processes, and provide a quality customer experience. Trust reliable specialists and flexible approaches!


We design projects from scratch by taking into account the needs, ideas, requirements, and complaints of our clients
Creation and description of a concept
At this stage, You provide Your idea of a product and tell us what it should be like and on whom it should be targeted. Together, we define a style, in which you would like to present the development
We work on the user stories to make your project correspond to the requirements of the users and satisfy their potential needs
UX prototypes development
At this stage, we clearly define the target audience of the project and determine core goals. We create a prototype of the development and test the conversion, ways of clients, time, etc.
Testing methods
Relying on the goals of the product, we define which testing method will provide us with the complete scope of information on the quality of the product. We conduct manual, automated, functional, non-functional, and other testing types
UI kit development
We implement all the interface elements of the app in the way to provide the future users with the easy navigation and wit a clear understanding of how the app functions
Design creation
We work on the visual design that will attract users and will make the product stand out from the crowd of competitors
Agile \ Scrum
Our team applies modern and flexible approaches to develop optimal solutions
When developing the solutions for clients, we keep up with the Agile approach standards. The core principles of this method are prioritization of quality over documentation and the readiness to change the plan, in accordance with the client's needs. We also use the Scrum methods, which guarantee constant communication with the client, assessment of the results, achieved within a short period of time, and fast resolving of issues
Customer support
Trust reliable specialists who are capable of resolving the most urgent issues
Warranty after the launch
We guarantee that after the launch of the product to the market, the users will be able to use all the integrated solutions
Customer support
We provide users of the product with the quality customer support in cases they have issues related to the work of the product
If necessary, we guarantee to provide constant upgrades. This will help your business to keep up with the progress and implement more innovations
We accept Your claims related to possible disadvantages and take the product to improve it and make it the one of your dreams
Reporting and result
Our team is a membership of experienced specialists who take every assignment seriously. We ensure You that all your wishes will be taken into account and, if possible, they will come true. We work for the sake of achieving positive results. But this doesn’t mean You will gain access to the process only at the final stages of development. Our working process is completely transparent, and we provide all the necessary information and accept your claims. Besides, we guarantee that You will get Your products in the conditions You need
Andrew Dmitruk
Frontend developer
78 Period from 01.03 to 15.03
Resolved 71
Open 11
Problematic 5
Sergii Gorbatuk
Backend developer
82 Period from 01.03 to 15.03
Resolved 89
Open 9
Problematic 2
Eduard Tik
Android developer
75 Period from 01.03 to 16.03
Resolved 110
Open 7
Problematic 6
Nikola Nguen
IOS developer
88 Period from 01.03 to 15.03
Resolved 88
Open 1
Problematic 0
Product tracking
We provide our clients with tracking solutions, which help the clients to quickly and efficiently track the project status. We guarantee the complete transparency of the development process - we constantly provide reports on the projects' statuses and dashboards with analyses on every order

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Anton Maksymenko

Has extensive experience in management and technology consulting

Dmytro Mayboroda

Leads the engineers teams at RockIT, guiding our engineering practice from execution through delivery. With a background in digital architecture, development and user experience strategy

Maksym Kovalʹ

Expert in mobile design, startups, product strategy, ecommerce, and user experience. Launched a bunch of successful digital products

Maryna Ivasiuk

New projects manager
Expert in aligning client objectives with RockIT project teams to deliver perfect digital products