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IT audit is conducted to detect all the advantages, capabilities, and disadvantages of the IT infrastructure of Your business. If You implement global changes to Your business, an IT audit is an obligatory process because it also estimates the expenditures and the possibilities of further cost reduction. Change in a company may lead to changing its assignments. The quality of their execution is also checked with the help of the IT audit. In a nutshell, our IT audit is the professional consultation on the work of the digital solutions and services of our clients. This way, we will help You to develop an effective strategy for the further development of the IT infrastructure of Your business, which will help to increase revenues and attract more clients. Also, we provide legal services when other development companies provide the projects
Agile \ Scrum
Our team applies modern and flexible approaches to develop optimal solutions
When developing the solutions for clients, we keep up with the Agile approach standards. The core principles of this method are prioritization of quality over documentation and the readiness to change the plan, in accordance with the client's needs. We also use the Scrum methods, which guarantee constant communication with the client, assessment of the results, achieved within a short period of time, and fast resolving of issues
Customer support
Trust reliable specialists who are capable of resolving the most urgent issues
Warranty after the launch
We guarantee that after the launch of the product to the market, the users will be able to use all the integrated solutions
Customer support
We provide users of the product with the quality customer support in cases they have issues related to the work of the product
If necessary, we guarantee to provide constant upgrades. This will help your business to keep up with the progress and implement more innovations
We accept Your claims related to possible disadvantages and take the product to improve it and make it the one of your dreams
Product tracking
We provide our clients with tracking solutions, which help the clients to quickly and efficiently track the project status. We guarantee the complete transparency of the development process - we constantly provide reports on the projects' statuses and dashboards with analyses on every order

Implemented projects