OLEG is a SAAS solution for restaurants, bars and food halls

About project

OLEG was designed as universal order management system for HORECA. The main ideas were to bring to end users simple usable application and optimize order management proceces in restaurants, bars and food halls – bring one solution for orders, bills, payments accepting and tips. Developed SAAS includes:

  • The mobile application for end users in which guests can send orders direct to the waiter without long wait and a paper menu. Just choose the table, choose dishes from the menu with the detailed description, list of ingredients and pay in the application, leave tips and receive cashback.
  • The mobile application for restaurant employees in which the guest’s order is immediately sent to the kitchen.
  • CRM for business owners to control and manage information about the venue, its menu and accoutns with spliting recived payments between different legal entities by type of activity.

Cashbacks management and bonuses rules for each separate venue.


  • Concept and business logic
    The goal of the project is to increase customers loyalty, reduce service time and gamify additional orders after the first one . Bring to the guest opportunity to choose dishes using flexible filters, detailed information about the ingredients and pay by card, ApplePay or Google Pay just in few minutes, without waiting for the waiter
  • Design and development
    A simple, intuitive UX of mobile applications for restaurant guests and service personnel. CRM for managers to set menus, work schedules, cashback rules and bonuses for customers
  • Marketplace launch
    Quick connection to the service - setting up online payments, entering information about the menu, cash back rules and employees

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