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Software package for cycle club - mobile application for clients to buy membership, register for classes, applications for the coach and clients on which the speed, pulse, distance covered by each participant are demonstrated during the lesson.
Mobile application
Software for the studio
Application advantages
Buy memberand sign up for training through a mobile application or website
Share workouts with friends
Come with the company and arrange a real race
All sports achievements in your account
A complete set of software for cycle studio
Database of all users
Memberships sale
Each workout is written in detail

Creating a training schedule
Staff information
Sales and visits analytics
Promo code system
Android-based mobile applications for coaches and users in the studio
Coach performs a step-by-step planned training program

Real-time data on the status of participants
(pulse, speed, distance covered)
Activity adjustment, taking into account the capabilities of customers
Participation in the competition at the request of the visitor, the rating is updated every second
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